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Our out-patient department is designed for treatment of patients  who visit the hospital for diagnosis or treatment, but do not require to be admitted for overnight care. We offer a wide range of treatment services, including but not , limited to general consultation, specialist consultation, pharmacy, diagnostic tests and minor surgical procedures.


Our out-patient services include:

We offer general consultation that allows preventive measures taken to halt the development of various diseases particularly for patients who have risk factors, obtain a diagnosis for symptoms being experienced by the patient, or in the case of an annual checkup, to reassess the patient’s risk of various medical conditions.

Our current consultation prices are KES 350/= for Embakasi Branch and KES 250/= for Mwiki Branch

Our specialists examine the patient to see what tests or treatments they might recommend in order to provide adequate care to the patient.

They include : Obstetrics/Gynaecologist, Paeditrician, Physiotherapist

Our competent radiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases using medical imaging procedures such as X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and ultrasound.

We prepare, dispense and manage of medication to ensure safe and effective use, while also providing medication counseling and guidance to patients.

We address illnesses or injuries that limit a person’s abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

This includes prescription of or assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, mechanical devices such as traction, education and electrophysical modalities 


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