0 Health Benefits Of Circumcision
Health Benefits Of Circumcision

Health Benefits Of Circumcision

Circumcision; the removal of the foreskin of the penis is a cultural practice that has existed well into the 1800 AD. While having social and religion links its also boasts of a number of health benefits.

Some of the benefits include:

1.Elimination of Bad Odour

Circumcision allows you to effectively manage reproductive health hygiene and reduce probability of bacterial and fungal infection and smell caused by accumulation of dirt. Studies have shown the risk of penile infection is 88% lower in circumcised males than in uncircumcised men.

2.Reduced Reproductive Diseases

• Prostate Cancer: Recent Sudies by the American Pedriatric Association and published by BJU international show that circumsicon among both white and male black men reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 45%. Prostate cancer percentage seems to be lower (below 15%) for males who get circumcised at the ages of 1 year -34 years.

• HIV Aids Infection: Extensive reproductive studies conducted by NGO’ s and the Government Ministries on black men in East africa and South africa continue to show that circumcision loweres chances of HIV infection by 60%.

3. Healthy Family Relationships

Being a culture practised by many african communites, circumcision is a ehnancer of healthy relationship between men and their families. This is based on numerous African Cultural studies that reveal circumcision as a crucial right of passage among african communities.

In conclusion:

With better and less painful circumcision procedures already in use, and exceptional healthcare services available at Scion Hospital, it is worthy to note that circumcision remains a choice to make and a choice to benefit from.

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